Who is Stella Jackson Computer Consulting LLC?

We are Entrepreneur, Investor, Researcher, and Business Consultant to our Customers and Clients.


Military Area Network (MAN) Design and Development

Military Training Software Design and Development

Military Interface Software Design and Development


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Military Agencies

US Navy
US Marine Corp
US Army

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Technical Evaluator
Contracting Officer's Representative

Commerical Work

MGM Grand

Stella Jackson
Owner/Computer Consultant

Professional Experience

Stella Jackson jumped back into the computer tech market in 2016 since moving to Las Vegas, NV as a part time resident.  She has been putting life back together since a security reorganization with the US Navy in 2010.  She started providing high level general computer science definitions in general computer science arenas.  It became expensive for Stella to give potential employers in-depth technical advice for free because the resources cost money.  Stella Jackson uses her 23 years of technical experience to consult those who need it in this complex tech world.

Master of Science (MS), Computer Science, Florida Tech 2008
Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science, Radford University 2001
High School Diploma (Honors), Magnet School Accepted              
       Vocational Business Certificate,  Appomattox County High School 1994

Affiliations / Accreditations

IEEE Computer Society